Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It is time to take our country back. We need to restore trust in our elected officials, and bring fiscal sanity back to Washington. We want a government that is elected by the people, not by special interest groups. We want to be left alone to raise our children, to work, to take care of each other, to live our lives. I have a vision of how, as your representative in Congress, I will make that happen. There are no “sound-bite” solutions to the problems we face. We need to restructure our government. I pledge to each of you that when I am elected, I will immediately draft legislation to take back, for us, the powers that have led to so much abuse in the hands of the federal government. I will find like-minded Representatives and Senators and we will begin the process of amending the Constitution as follows.

1. No person may serve more than four years as President. We need our president to be a leader, not a politician running for another term in office.

2. Executive orders issued by the President shall be null and void, and have no legal effect after forty-five days, unless given the advice and consent of the Senate.

3. Every executive order issued by the President shall be subject to judicial review.

4. The Armed Forces of the United States shall not engage in war, police action, or any other hostilities for more than sixty days without a declaration of war by the Congress.

5. Repeal the 17th Amendment, so that Senators are, once again, appointed by the legislatures of the various states.

6. No person may serve more than four years out of any six year period in the U.S. House of Representatives.

7. No person may serve as chief justice, justice, judge, magistrate, or referee in any federal court for more than ten years.

8. The Congress may not spend more money in any fiscal year than was raised in the preceeding fiscal year, except in time of war declared by Congress.

9. Every law passed by Congress shall apply to every citizen of the United States.

10. Congress shall pass no law regulating the private workplaces in, or the employees of any State.

11. No employee of the federal government shall have the right to strike, or engage in work stoppages of any kind.

12. The 16th Amendment shall be repealed and replaced with a flat tax on consumption.

13. Every existing federal law that is inconsistent with the above shall be repealed and of no force or effect.

14. Every federal entitlement program shall be abolished, and responsibility returned to the States. Caring for those in need should be done in our neighborhoods. We know who needs help, and how best to help them. End the downward cycle of dependency and replace it with self-respect.

15. The Departments of Education and Health and Human Services will be abolished. Education and health are issues for the States, or the people to control.

16. The Department of Defense will be reorganized to eliminate the individual Service Secretaries and their staffs. We will end duplication and save money by consolidating similar functions such as training, purchasing, JAG, medical, military police, criminal investigation, and chaplains all under the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

This is the pledge I make to you. Some will say, as some already have, this is an impossible task. We can’t take our country back. It is too late. Politicians are all liars and can’t be trusted. I say it isn’t too late, and we can take it back. I say set our sights high. For far too long, the Republican party has nibbled around the edges of issues. It is time to be clearly different from the political machine now in power, and give the people a real choice. Some will ask, as some already have, what this has to do with Western Colorado. I say this is how we regain our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, our right to be left alone, and live our own lives. I am not a liar. I am not a politician. I am a leader. I am an Army Ranger, and Rangers lead the way!

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Governance is too important to leave in the hands of politicians. We need to hold our representatives feet to the fire. We must watch every bill, demand that they read it fully and listen to us. We must be relentless in our civic duty because we have been asleep too long.


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