Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Feet to the Fire


I want to correct a mistake in the latest issue of THE CONSERVATIVE VOICE where I stated that this Friday's vote had to do with the whether to raise the debt ceiling. Thanks to Rob Douglas, among others, for setting me straight.

The vote on Friday is a continuing resolution, determining whether to keep the government running at its current fiscal rate. I say shut it down, stop borrowing, cowboy up and stop this madness. Our legislators think otherwise, as usual.

In this regard, Rob also shared a FABULOUS interactive site from the Heritage Foundation where you can track your representatives' votes and compare them to other Republicans. It's the Heritage After Action Report and it looks at which Republicans are "rock solid" in their promise to cut spending. Sadly, it only amounts to 47 Republican congressmen. Of Colorado's GOP congressmen, Scott Tipton scored the lowest, coming in at 81% in terms of willingness to cut spending. He may possibly be the lowest of the GOP members of the Rocky Mountain West congressional delegation.

Finally, Colorado SB11-126 - a bill allowing illegal immigrants to get in-state college tuition - goes to the floor of the full senate tomorrow, March 1. It has already passed the Senate Appropriations Committee. Contact your state senator and let them know that this is a "make or break" conservative vote. Any senator voting "yes" to SB11-126 is not a conservative. Period.

Time to hold feet to the fire my friends. DO NOT TOLERATE politicians who are already waffling on "promises." Watch them like hawks, and act accordingly. My apologies again for my mistatement, and thanks to Rob and all the folks who are staying active, educated, and fired up.

Keep the faith,
Bob McConnell


  1. When you were a candidate for federal office, were you ever threatened by representatives of the Bilderburg Group?

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