Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Winning Ticket

It's good to be an American, and really good to think about what we have accomplished in the past two years. We didn't get everything we wanted, but we put the breaks on the radical progressive Obama, Pelosi, Reid agenda. We broke the mold that 95% of people in Congress get re-elected by putting 91 freshmen in the House: that's almost 20% new blood.

After I lost the primary, I learned that what I experienced here in the 3rd CD was a microcosm of Republican politics across the country. Combat Veterans for Congress endorsed me and forty or so other vets, most of us running for office for the first time. We had paid our dues to our country, but not to the Party. I heard the same story from vets who stepped up in New York, Virginia, Florida, Texas, California and here in Colorado. We were viewed as a threat and shut out by the GOP. What I have come to realize is that the real threat to the Republic I have sworn to defend is not progressives, it is a political system that rewards mediocrity.

Ninety-one freshmen, ninety of them Republicans, and most of them are now in office because of Tea Party voters. Michele Bachmann was out there for us, raising money, campaigning, taking on the hard issues. Despite what she accomplished, Rep. Bachmann was shut out by the GOP power brokers. Boehner couldn't find a leadership position for her. Thanks John. Last fall she established a Tea Party caucus in the House. Twelve came to her first meeting. Today that number is up to 64. Two - Mike Coffman and Doug Lamborn - are from Colorado. Neither Scott Tipton nor Cory Gardner are on the list. Backtracking on campaign promises began almost as soon as the new Congress was sworn in. The Pledge to America to cut $100 billion from spending this year became $38 billion for the photo op, and in hard dollars became $320 million. John and company now say they will bargain over raising the debt ceiling because not to raise it would "destroy the Republican Party." John, we don't care about the GOP, or your limos and Secret Service, or the ego trip being third in line for the hot seat. Raising the debt ceiling will continue the destruction of the Republic.

There are only two things worth bargaining over: a balanced budget and a term limits amendment passed by both the House and Senate. Send the two amendments to us so we, The People, can decide our future. Then agree to raise the debt ceiling, not before. No more bargaining over fancy accounting tricks.

Last week, I watched Newt announce his candidacy. He hadn't gotten ten words out of his mouth before I turned to my friends and said, "He's already lost." The GOP grey hair said he had worked with Ronald Reagan. People under fifty don't remember Reagan. Obama will crush him as the old guy who is living in the past. The ticket that will defeat Obama is Bachmann and Allen West. But they aren't GOP team players, and I believe the GOP power brokers would rather keep Obama in office than support either of them. So it is up to us.

Bachmann is testing the waters to see if she has the support she needs to put herself into this vicious process. Go to her website, or go to her one-question poll: Are you satisfied with the current field of GOP candidates? Show her your support with a vote and a contribution. Bachmann is also tuned into social media. She can reach the young conservatives, the independents (who make or break elections) and the totally disenfranchised. Get on board, let's get this party started, and let's beat Obama soundly in 2012.

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