Tuesday, November 24, 2009


November 24, 2009
For Immediate Release
McConnell For Congress

McConnell Announces Comparative Contributions
"Salazar War Chest is the problem with politics."
Bob McConnell, conservative Republican candidate for the Third Congressional District of Colorado has announced his comparative financing based on FEC filings. According to the Federal Election Commission's last mandatory filing at the end of September, John Salazar, the Democratic incumbent, had $487,677 in net receipts and $719,215.00 cash on hand.

McConnell, who announced his challenge on September 16th, had $4,000 in net receipts and $2,900.00 cash on hand as of September 30th, which puts him at about one half of one percent of what Salazar has reported.

McConnell added that he is connecting to voters on a grassroots level from both parties who "are sick and tired of special interests groups and 'war chests' running this country."

"Where does John get his money?" McConnell asked, "He won't even tell me how much taxpayers paid for his recent re-election brochure title 'A Colorado Veterans Update.' Why don't you ask him?"

"The choice before voters in this election," McConnell stated, "Is whether you want the best politician money can buy or a leader who can't be bought."

McConnell is traveling throughout the 29 counties that comprise the Third District, reporting that voters are pledging their time, efforts, and votes on behalf of a candidate who has integrity and will not waver from his belief in the Constitution and free markets.

"Nobody bullies me," McConnell said, "I don't care how much money Salazar has. When Democrats need more money they just print it. I'm going to win this election with my values and leadership, not money."

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