Sunday, November 15, 2009



  1. I have been dedicating a lot of time to John Salazar lately, but not in a way he would hope. I have been investigating John Salazar's campaign contributers over the past 5 years. I discovered that John has been accepting campaign contributions from Monsanto, the very makers of Agent Orange. I too wrote a letter to John Salazar in Oct. 2009 and have yet to receive a response, Although I have personally talked to city council members, and recieved 2 responses from Udall, 2 from Bennett, 1 from Gov. Ritter, and many from Bob McConnell. A story that I wrote about John Salazar and Monsanto Company was published in the Telluride Watch Newspaper and I have spoke to many people in my community. Ouray County is appalled at the lack of integrity John has been showing since his last re-election. I received the "Vet" mailout, although I have never been enlisted. As well, it is no secret that in 2007 Salazar was in favor of a clean energy bill, yet voted no for the Clean Energy Act in 2009. I will do everything I can before the next election so that the people in my community know the facts about John Salazar.

  2. I do not have any great stories to tell about Salzar I just want him out of office and get a person in there that will obey his oath of office to defend his country and our Constitution as it was wriiten and understood for the last 200+ years.


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