Friday, January 22, 2010


This morning I spent five hours in Dr. Tim Sullinger’s office in Montrose. He was kind enough to let me speak with his staff and patients about health care reform. This is what it is all about for me, listening to people as I travel around the Third Congressional District. How did we ever forget that our government is of the people, by the people, and for the people? We need to get that right, and I am determined to do it.

I continue to be impressed at how well informed people are on the critical issues facing our country. I’d like to summarize what I heard. Health reform starts with individuals taking responsibility for their own health. Eating right, exercising, and preventative care were all discussed. Getting lawyers out of health care came up often. We need tort reform.

The perception that politicians don’t care about us anymore was on people’s minds. “Why does congress get special health care, and high salaries, and their own retirement plan?” “No more bribes, payoffs, and secret deals with our tax dollars!” “It sucks, not enough study, too much pork!” “We have to reduce costs. The insurance I paid $200 a month for ten years ago now costs $2,000 a month, and has a higher deductible.” “Politicians have been bought by the insurance companies.” “When we moved to Colorado, we had to find new insurance, and since I had diabetes, it was excluded from my new plan.” “Congressmen have it all and don’t care about us anymore. That is why they don’t listen. Cancel their insurance. Treat us all the same.” “The VA gave me good care, but I’d rather be here with the doctor I know.” “How many doctors will quit taking Medicare patients when their reimbursement is cut?” “Only 3% of 2010 graduates from medical schools will go into primary care because the money is in specialties.”

This was a totally random sample of people who live here. They know is wrong with the system. They feel like no one is listening to them. I bet if I did the same thing tomorrow in another part of the District, the same concerns would be voiced. Why won’t Pelosi, Obama and Reid just listen? Why are they ignoring us? Health care, the economy, unemployment, the national defense: the list of issues where our representatives have turned their backs is endless. Political agendas have taken precedence over problem-solving and common sense. You can read some of my common sense solutions on my website at I am open to ideas and suggestions. As a representative of the people, that's going to be my job.

I will listen, and not just now. Make me your representative in Congress and I will listen. I will hold a town hall meeting, in person so you can look me in the eye, not by telephone, every month that I am in office. I am Bob McConnell and I want to represent you, the people.
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  1. Friend Bob:

    I emailed you two days ago and was dissapointed that you did not even take the time to write me back.... Yikes!

    Communicating includes responding....

    Thinking allowed....

    Arthur von Boennighausen @ The Sierra Mojada Ranch

  2. Arthur - sorry I missed that. You know me from the Valley. Just write again, or give me a call. Thanks, Bob


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