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February 7, 2010
For Immediate Release
McConnell For Congress
Campaign Finance Reports In
Show Salazar's ties to PACS and Special Interests

John Salazar's most recent report to the FEC shows that more than 50% of his campaign contributions come from Political Action Committees. Salazar's "war chest" is $676,561.00, with $381,049 coming from registered lobbyists, unions, and other political committees and groups.

"Our analysis of the data is astounding," states Bob McConnell, conservative Republican candidate for the Third Congressional District who is challenging the third-term incumbent Salazar, "I urge every citizen to go to the FEC website, and trace Salazar's financial trail. It is time to ask,who does John Salazar represent?"

According to McConnell, much of Salazar's non-individual campaign contributions come from lobbying groups registered in Washington DC. "But there are PACs from Florida, Minnesota, Maryland, Missouri, Texas and Virginia to name a few more," McConnell noted, "With this many financial ties to special interests, does Salazar truly represent the farmers, ranchers, small business people and citizens of Western and Southern Colorado? Or is his loyalty elsewhere? Voters need to take a look at this."
Since announcing his candidacy in mid-September, McConnell has raised $16,471. "Obviously not a penny in PACs," McConnell stated, "I've been endorsed by Tea Party groups in Pueblo and Grand Junction, and a true grassroots movement does not involve a lot of big money donors."

"Put me and my $16,000 up against Salazar tomorrow," McConnell stated "Elections are not about who has the most money. This one will be about leadership and ideas and I will win with the quality of both that I bring to this fight."

For more information go to or call Bob at (970) 846-4907.

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