Sunday, March 14, 2010


Washington is surrounded today by a huge wall, not made of stone, but of arrogance. It is the arrogance of a president who refuses to listen to us, the arrogance of Senator Reid buying votes with bribes, and of Speaker Pelosi trampling on the Constitution. It is the arrogance of John Salazar refusing to stand up for the 70,000 veterans in the 3rd CD when Janet Nepolitano called us terrorists saying it was too “politically sensitive.” It is the arrogance of Salazar sending us irrelevant form letters signed by a computer when he even bothers to answer our mail, and of holding town halls by conference call from his office in Washington.

Last April 15th, at tax protests all around the country, a great army marched around the walls of arrogance. They marched again by forming grassroots groups called Tea Parties, 912’s, 1773’s, and Patriots. The marches continued at town hall meetings last summer, and a huge rally in Washington.

This Tuesday at 7pm, this army will begin its biggest march around the walls of arrogance as people all over Colorado meet in caucus at their precincts. The march will continue through the county assemblies, the state convention, and the primaries in August. The march will end on November 2nd when the army will, in unison, shout its anger by casting ballots. And when we shout, the walls of arrogance will come tumbling down.

I want to lead this fight against elitism and arrogance, and I hope you will join me. The Colorado Third Congressional District needs a strong and focused leader, not a career party politician. I have no intention of losing to anyone, ever and party money, influence, and arrogance don’t scare me. Be my delegate, a foot soldier in the war against arrogance. God bless you, folks, and keep the faith because in 2011, this country reopens under new management.

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Governance is too important to leave in the hands of politicians. We need to hold our representatives feet to the fire. We must watch every bill, demand that they read it fully and listen to us. We must be relentless in our civic duty because we have been asleep too long.


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