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McConnell Concerned About Tipton's Involvement With NRCC

April 20, 2010
For Immediate Release
Bob McConnell
McConnell For Congress

McConnell Expresses Concern About NRCC Involvement in Race
"Tipton's 'contender' status with the NRCC indicates he's part of a political machine."

Responding to a press release issued yesterday by his opponent Scott Tipton, grassroots conservative Republican candidate Bob McConnell expressed concern about the involvement of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) in the Colorado Third District race.

A similar controversy arose last fall when the National Republican Senatorial Committee got involved in candidate Jane Norton's campaign. "People in Colorado are fiercely independent," McConnell stated, "They don't want the Republican Party picking our candidates."

"From where I sit," said McConnell, a retired Colonel Army Ranger, "Becoming involved with the NRCC confirms Scott is a politician. Frankly, after decades in the party system, that's what he is despite the fact that lately he's been implying that he is new to politics."

McConnell has been called "the real deal," the candidate who can defeat John Salazar and break his string of defeats against Republican challengers including Scott Tipton.

Current polls rate Congress at the lowest levels in American history.

"I have a great deal of respect for many people in Congress who are in the RNCC." McConnell said. "However I strongly disagree with the way the RNCC raises money."

On its website, the NRCC offers varying levels of membership. Most membership programs consist of Washington-based representatives from trade associations, corporations, and business organizations. House Council members who pay $1000 a year to join are invited to attend quarterly events on Capitol Hill which provide "an excellent opportunity to hear from key Republican Congressional Leaders on issues that vitally affect their industries." By paying $10,000 members have "the opportunity to communicate their views directly to the Republican Congressional Leaders." For $30,400 a member can attend the NRCC winter retreat in Key Largo. The NRCC fundraises "by giving access in return for contributions" McConnell said.

"This is ultimately going to hurt the Republican Party just as Clinton renting the Lincoln bedroom hurt the Dems. It makes it look like people with lots of money get face time, while those who don't get brushed off."

"I wonder if Tipton's trumpeting becoming an NRCC contender reflects his concern about the tremendous momentum my campaign now has. I am confident we will win a large percentage of the delegate vote at the District Assembly on May 21 in Loveland."

"We are rocking and rolling," McConnell states, "This grassroots movement of real people with real problems who are concerned about America's $12 trillion debt will trump any political lobbying committee. I doubt many of my constituents have $30,400 to go to Key Largo. In the current political climate, I'd be embarrassed to tout how my status with the NRCC makes me a good candidate," he said.

"I remain hopeful that my opponent will agree to debate the issues with me before May 21."

McConnell, who has never run for political office, heads to Washington later this week to attend a conference aimed at helping veterans win their races this November.

"I am the candidate of the people, by the people, and for the people. Big party politics, influence-buying, business as usual will destroy us. Congratulations, Scott, on becoming an NRCC contender."

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