Monday, April 26, 2010


Grassroots trumps grass tops.
George Will writing for Newsweek magazine, states that in Colorado and other states across the nation, TRUE conservative grassroots candidates will trump the "Grass Top" Republicans. Read about how candidates who thought they "had it in the bag" are being left out in the cold.

Those of us in the field, actually walking across the grassroots, know that a huge change is coming. Candidates like me - citizens who have had enough - are stepping up and taking over the process of politics that has brought us into $12 trillion debt. I will never waiver from the conservative values you believe in: no more spending, no new taxes, congressional reform, and a strong national defense. Newsweek states that in Colorado "conservatives are rallying" to Ken Buck, and away from party annointeds. Third District conservatives are rallying too. This team is going to win, because failure is not an option.
McConnell For Congress
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Governance is too important to leave in the hands of politicians. We need to hold our representatives feet to the fire. We must watch every bill, demand that they read it fully and listen to us. We must be relentless in our civic duty because we have been asleep too long.


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