Monday, May 10, 2010


Senator (about to be out of office) Bennett of Utah just learned what we already know: money will no longer serve as the gateway to an elected office. By November 3, 2010 an estimated $3.7 billion will have been spent on political campaigns ( This is a disgrace, and I refuse to play the big money game. Wonder why our debt is $12 trillion? One reason is that our politicians and their campaigns are out of control. For those of you who think I can't win unless I have a million dollars, I say: This is a new day. I refuse to be a big money candidate. Voters will elect our next congressman, not the money.

McConnell For Congress is a GRASSROOTS movement. That means we have grown from the bottom up.
· I do not pay consultants,
· I don't have a "campaign manager" or a rented headquarters. I work out of hotel room or folks' houses, or on my dining room table.
· I don't do polling or pay someone to tell me how to raise money.
· I have a Team Leader - Lisa Watts - who manages everything in the field;
· And there are countless volunteers doing the hard work, boots on the ground.

A "typical" political campaign - like our government - works from the top down. You can tell a lot about a candidate by the way he runs his campaign. I walk the walk. I am the fiscally conservative candidate. I would rather be talking to people than having private fundraising parties. My opponent in this primary has already spent more money than I even have. Salazar will bring millions to the fight because he voted for the bailout and for health care and thinks our money solves his problems. I am not worried. The heart of motivated people will trump his money, hands down. My campaign is lean and mean, my congressional office will be as well and you can bet in Congress I will stand up and say:
· NO to more spending,
· NO to new taxes,
· NO to pork and earmarks,
· NO to congressional pension, but YES to cutting congressional pay 25%
Lean and mean, - the way Congress needs to act and the way this Country needs to be. We are going to change the paradigm of politics in the Third District. I am the fiscally conservative NO NEW TAXES candidate. I walk the walk. In order to win this without an obscene "war chest" I will need your prayers, votes, and hard work. On May 21 on August 10 and on November 2, let's show them how it's done in Colorado. Candidates who do things "the old way" need to sit down now. God bless you all, and keep the faith.

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