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May 21, 2010
For Immediate Release
Phyllis Coletta
McConnell For Congress

McConnell Makes Republican Primary Capturing 45% of Delegate Votes
"Put me in the ring with Salazar."
(Loveland, CO) In a victory consistent with stunning grassroots wins across the nation newcomer Colonel Bob McConnell (Ret) forced a Republican primary by capturing 45% of the delegate votes at today's Third Congressional District Assembly. Of the 616 voting delegates, McConnell received 280 votes. According to Colorado election law, a delegate must receive at least 30% of the vote to move to a primary. The Republican primary is scheduled for August 10th. At that time, McConnell and Scott Tipton will square off for the right to go against incumbent Democrat John Salazar in the general election in November.

"I am thrilled, and so grateful to the hundreds and hundreds of people who made this possible," McConnell said, "We had no party machine, just boots on the ground. Look at what we built and did in eight months and coming from out of nowhere. Just imagine how much bigger and stronger we will get this summer."

McConnell, 63, is a retired Colonel Army Ranger who has never run for political office. In his nomination speech he called for ending the Federal Reserve, repealing "the morass of federal legislation that bogs down small businesses," and defining the "real endangered species - farmers, ranchers, truckers, and drillers."

Saying "I'm mad as hell," McConnell vowed to bring that anger to the halls of Congress where he will "never back down" from his conservative roots. McConnell was nominated by retired two star general Joseph Arbuckle and the nomination was seconded by - among others - Silver Salazar, John Salazar's cousin, Freda Poundstone, an icon in Colorado politics since the Reagan era, and America's Singing Cowboy, Michael Martin Murphey who wowed the crowd with a chorus from the theme song he's given to McConnell's campaign, Free Rein.

"I'm honored to be called to serve my country again," McConnell said, "And eager to get out to the general Republican population and let them see who I am. They will find a man who never gives up or gives in. And I am here because of people, not politics."

For more information contact Phyllis Coletta or Bob McConnell 970-846-4907.

McConnell For Congress
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