Thursday, May 27, 2010


Thank you again for everything you've done to get me on the primary ballot. Here's what I learned in Loveland:

· You want candidates, like me, sent by the people, not the party.

· You want a leader who says, "If you are unhappy with your government, follow me."
· You are distressed and disgusted by the arrogance of career politicians in DC and on a local level;
· You are totally focused on the DEBT, its crushing impact on the economy, and jobs.
· You see lack of border security as a terrorist threat.
· You want John Salazar out of office and you do not want to watch a rerun of 2006.

I hear you.

I also learned that a last ditch effort to undermine a candidate's credibility can shake people's faith. Jennifer Bailey and WSCA sent out an e-mail a few days before the Assembly calling me an "anti-capitalist" for saying that health care costs can be reduced on a local level by educating people to be EMTs, paramedics, Physician's Assistants and by setting up community clinics in available housing. Me, an anti-capitalist? Read here ( ) about my position on health care and watch my video ( ) for more information. When rumors spread, check with me. I am determined to stay above this, but we can anticipate this kind of thing will happen before the primary. Not on my part.

Finally, we're going to need money to win this. I don't need money, WE need the money. This is neighbors helping neighbors. This is a joint, concerted effort. We're in the big leagues now folks and we'll need more money to put me in office so we can get our country back on track. I am depending on you to get me to the next level. Please give what you can.

Sent by the people, not the party. FORWARD THIS TO EVERY VOTER YOU KNOW. Thank you, folks. Keep the faith.

McConnell For Congress

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