Saturday, August 7, 2010


THANK YOU folks! Last weekend of the primary race - enjoy and be safe. Also, be prepared for the usual from the "politicians" at this point - rumor and innuendo about me and/or Phyllis. I've learned that two things point to desperation in a political campaign: (1) the last minute flurry of panicked e-mails and rumors that personally disparage the winning candidate; and (2) the disappearance of the winning candidate's lawn signs. I was really disappointed in Grand Junction to see so many of my signs taken.

We have been a fully TRANSPARENT campaign and I intend to remain that way throughout my term of serving you, the people. If you have a question or concern about some rumor about me or Phyllis, please don't hesitate to contactt either one of us (; . We will personally address this unfortunate but inevitable phenomenon in politics. And we will not respond in kind, ever. Take the high road, and hold.

I was recently endorsed by Veterans for a Strong America stated in its press release: "Bob McConnell is the only person in this race who has truly fought for us."

And on the lighter side, I am the subject of a political cartoon on Day by Day, read nationally by conservative bloggers. Guess that means I finally made it, huh?

We're happy and excited about August 10th. Stay tuned, and keep the faith.
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