Monday, September 6, 2010


Dear Friends in the Third District of Colorado, and across the Country:

Sunday morning my Pastor talked to me about "putting on the full armor of God." Sunday evening I received an e-mail from Dan Maes, using the exact same phrase. He is no longer fighting just a political battle, but a spiritual one. I stand with Dan Maes, shoulder to shoulder, to fight that battle as well. What are you prepared to do?

Dick Wadhams says "The Republican Party is who shows up." Over two hundred thousand voters "showed up" to vote for Dan Maes. Where is the Party? Dan went through the same caucus and primary process as his competitor. Is it all a dog and pony show, does it mean something or is it all just a useless exercise until "our Party" tells us what is best for us? Is it only the "right" candidate when he comes from the good old boys? The people have spoken while the party stays silent. This is a disgrace. Dan deserves the full measure of experience, money, and support the party would have given its chosen candidate. The Colorado GOP is acting like the Administration in DC: arrogant, ignoring the will of the people, and assuming we the people are too stupid to know what we want.

I stand with Dan Maes. I urge all of you to do the same. Since he had absolutely no help from the political machine his campaign made some mistakes, no doubt. Having been a grassroots candidate myself I can tell you how hard it is to reinvent the wheel without any assistance from the experienced people. Dan is, in his own words, "an imperfect man." When was the last time you heard a candidate say that?

On the campaign trail I was constantly asked "How will you stand up to the bullies in Washington?" Look at Dan Maes right now. He is standing up to the bullies in Colorado, the good old boys in his own party who don't like who he is, although he won fair and square. "Sit down, Dan. Be quiet. Be a good 'party' fella and go home and let us put our hand-picked person in there."And we wonder why our government is falling apart.

While Hickenlooper makes goofy TV ads mocking Republican campaigning, Dan continues to work tirelessly around the state. Go to his website, read what he says, donate to his campaign. Stand up to the political hacks who tell him to sit down. It is time they sat down, and listened to the people. You go, Dan. God bless, and wear the full armor in the fight.

Keep the faith,
Bob McConnell
(970) 846-4907

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