Sunday, April 3, 2011

Power to the People

Next week, people all over America will meet to celebrate two years of becoming the force known as the Tea Party. It is time to review where we are. First, let's celebrate what we have accomplished. We have taken back the people's House and thrown the progressive movement back on its heels. Conservatives are better educated and more active than ever. Two years ago, who would have thought that so many people would understand the disasters of 1913 - the 16th and 17th Amendments and the Federal Reserve Act; and talking knowledgeably about issues such as war powers, term limits, and QE2?

We didn't get the most important thing we sought, a functional and rational federal government. Congress will vote for another continuing resolution this week, arguing over pennies on the dollar of our debt and deficit. Some in Washington are listening and that is a big improvement, but knuckleheads in Congress will run America into the ground as long as we keep sending them to Washington. The federal government will continue to grow unless we fire self-serving politicians in 2012. We have lots of work to do.

Celebrate what is happening in Arizona, stepping up to protect the border; Utah fighting for state land rights; North Dakota thriving with its state owned bank; New Jersey standing up to the teachers union; Wisconsin and Ohio making the case it is time to stop public unions from holding tax payers hostage, and in 14 states that sued over Obamacare, and are winning. Most recently, Missouri has announced that it will no longer accept extended unemployment benefits from the federal stimulus program. Congress won't quit spending our money, but an increasing number of States are saying to Washington, "get out of our way". The 10th Amendment was the great balance the Founders trusted to keep the federal government in check. The balance broke because we didn't understand how important it was. We have lots of work to do.

When States demonstrate they can solve problems, Washington backs off. With the present fiscal mess, it is hard to think about fighting the long game, but that is what Progressives have done for a hundred years. It is time to toughen up and do this. We need States fighting for new jobs and growth rather than kowtowing to people who place more value on a bird's egg than a human fetus, who "protected" our forests to death, and who prevent us from using our plentiful resources to become energy independent. We need to put people back to work and not worry so much about lichen and butterflies and the methane cows create. We have lots of work to do. I have a challenge for us right here in Colorado. Let's prove that we can feed our hungry, shelter our homeless, and provide medical care for those who can't afford it without a single dime from Washington. We can do it cheaper and have better outcomes. Governor Hickenlooper, just say no to federal money and federal control. Turn Coloradans loose and we will take care of each other. We have lots of work to do. Throw some tea up in the air next week and celebrate what we have accomplished. As the federal government creaks and groans towards its inevitable shutdown, celebrate a better way of doing things, state's rights, powered by the people.


  1. How do we the people, hold our representative accountable? Should we write letters, call, vote against them in a primary if he is challenged?

  2. Gabe - yes, write letters and call but the truth is you will get NOWHERE acting alone. Power is in groups of people who stand up and say "Do this, or we fire you." If you are not part of an activist organization then plan on FIRING THE GUY if he doesn't do what you want. There are lots of ways to watch your representative like a hawk...and every time he or she votes against what the people want, they need to hear it. And then yes, vote against him or her in the primary. Keep the faith.

  3. I know you've said you will never run for congress again, but have you ever considered the possibility that after reapportionment, you could be in a totally different district? How would you feel about your representation if the legislature cut the western slope in half? If Steamboat was drawn into the second district and you found yourself represented by Jared Polis, how satisfied would you be? You haven't blogged about the redistricting process yet, do you approve of this process? Do you have any plan on participating in the hearings?

  4. Mike, I have not been focused at all on redistricting. I am pretty steadily aimed at the national economic crisis. It's my impression that redistricting is political gamesmanship. Can you help me understand more?

    As for Jared Polis, if he becomes my representative, I'll move.

  5. The first map is scheduled to be out tomorrow. A joint legislative committee made up of 5 Democrats and 5 Republicans drew the lines. All ten of these individuals held public meetings in each congressional district over the last several weeks, after the official census numbers were released. From what I've been able to find out, the 4th district will have to shrink in the southern area to make up for population gains in the Denver areas. This could force the 3rd district to expand in the southeast portion of the state to include Lamar. In order to make up the difference, the 2nd district could lose some areas in its eastern district and expand into Routt and Jackson Counties. This will ensure that the second remains democratic and the 3rd stays republican, even though the second wouldn't be as democratic as it is now. This is all speculative, even the Senate Majority Leader John Morse, a Democrat, said he thinks the whole thing will end up in court at the end of the day.

  6. Mike - thank you so much. You really have followed this closely. With candidates starting to think about running for 2012 (I hope...) what's the time frame for knowing the final map?

  7. The final map won't be out for another few weeks, but the maps proposed by the democrats and republicans came out today. It's more likely that democrats will get their way, and if they do you better gas up that U-haul. You'll be represented by Jared Polis if ANY of the Democratic maps become the lay of the land. Check them out for yourself here:


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