Friday, April 8, 2011

They Protect Us. Let's Protect Them.

Today the Secretary of Defense told the troops, now fighting undeclared wars around the globe, that they will get half their pay after the government shuts down, the balance to be paid later. They are now supposed to tell their families to pay half the rent, and put half the food on the table? Meanwhile, President Obama, the Commander in Chief, has said he will veto a bill to guarantee military pay. Shame on you. We are undertaking action as I write to make certain that no matter what happens tonight, no military family here in Routt County will suffer from your betrayal of our military. No military family's rent will go unpaid, and no child of a service member will suffer in Routt County. VFW, American Legion Posts and churches across the country, step up and do the same. Our military and their families must never again be held as political pawns.

•Today, progressives vilify the Tea Party, as they have for two years, this time for "causing the shutdown". Harry, Nancy and the rest of you shut up and listen for once. We are not a party, we are the people. You work for us. We took back our House, the People's House, last November. The Senate and the White House are next. Call us what you will, we will not allow you to destroy the Republic.

•Today John Boehner has pledged not to accept any pay until this is resolved. Twenty-five in our House, Republican and Democrat, have joined him. If your representative is not on the list, they do not deserve the title "honorable." Fire them. Stand strong Mr. Speaker, be a leader, and we will cover your back. There is a bill pending to protect military pay during the shutdown.

Tonight I urge you to join me in prayer for our nation, and that our leaders will make wise decisions in the days ahead

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