Thursday, February 25, 2010

McConnell v. Tipton on Taxes

This is my first run for political office. I am deeply concerned about the future of our Country. Early in my campaign, I issued a press release to let you know my commitment to lowering your tax burden. After extensive study, I support repealing the 16th Amendment, and adopting a Fair Tax on consumption. I will fight to eliminate the death tax for everyone.

The Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT) has analyzed Scott Tipton's 2009 Voting record on taxes. His name is not on their list of representatives who have signed CUT's Legislator's Pledge. On their "Friend or Foe" scoring of legislators who best represent the interests of taxpayers, Tipton received a score of 73.33. Eleven representatives, all Republicans, received better scores.

Tipton voted YES on the following, each of which was opposed by the Colorado Union of Taxpayers:

§ SB 09-002, increasing motor vehicle registration fees;
§ SB 09-105, removing limits on property taxes;
§ SB 09-173, transferring sales tax revenues to fund tourism projects;
§ SB 09-277, cutting funds put aside for the General Fund Reserve;
§ SJR 09-035, declaring a fiscal emergency to justify raiding tobacco tax revenues;
§ HB 09-1001, bailout tax credits for a few companies that hire new employees, and;
§ HB 09-1034, authorizing local governments to use sales and property taxes and vehicle registration fees to repay voter-approved bonds.

Each of these bills became law. Tipton has a taxpayer "friend or foe" rating of 73%, and a history of voting for bills opposed by the Colorado Union of Taxpayers. Will he fight increasing your taxes in Congress?

My promise to you is no new or increased taxes. Not now, not ever, period. I don't have a voting record. When I do, I expect you to hold me accountable to my promise. What I do have is a life lived following the Military Code of Conduct-I am prepared to fight, and if need be die in defense of my country and our way of life. I will never surrender of my own free will. Put me in the ring with Salazar, and I will take this seat back for you.

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  1. Faster than what? Did I miss something? Was Bob in a race to oppose something to indicate that he fights for rural Colorado? I thought that he is for ALL the people, ALL the time. By the way one has to accuse any one of any thing. The record stands for its self.


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