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The Western Slope Conservative Alliance sponsored a Candidate Forum on March 4th where the Republican candidates for the Third Congressional District of Colorado answered a series of prepared questions, as well as questions from the audience. Colonel Bob McConnell (Ret.) closed the forum Thursday night by asking Scott Tipton to join in more debates throughout the Third District. McConnell reminded Tipton he had made this same suggestion to Salazar in 2006.

"It was an excellent job interview," McConnell stated. "When candidates sit side by side and answer the same question, their differences become apparent."

Channel 12 in Grand Junction (PBS) taped the forum and will air it on March 6, 9, 17, 20, and 25 - each day at 10am and 7pm. McConnell extolled the value of this exercise, and expressed appreciation to the WSCA for providing the forum.

"We talked about Cap and Trade, jobs, energy, health care, and the environment," McConnell said, "And though Scott and I certainly share conservative values there is a difference in how deeply we feel about what is happening in Washington. As a combat veteran, I am much more inclined to stand and fight than to compromise.”

When questioned about why two Tea Parties have endorsed McConnell and not Tipton, Tipton criticized the process of the endorsements and the power of the tea parties. He then noted he was “on the radar” of the Republican party as a “young gun”. As the Honor Graduate of his Ranger training, a paratrooper in the elite 509th Airborne, and a combat leader in the 7th Cavalry, McConnell has been identified as a “top gun” since 1969.

"Scott’s comments were not a good sign for uniting the Tea Parties and the Republican Party, which I will do in order to defeat Salazar, soundly." McConnell noted, "Scott seemed dismissive and disparaging about the endorsements, which he obviously would have wanted. We need to get beyond sour grapes and unite conservatives.”

McConnell noted that Tipton “has repeatedly stated that he's almost neck and neck with Salazar, as if that's something good. How much confidence does it inspire to say, 'I'm almost there, I'm almost close to a loser.'"

"I challenged Scott to debate me in Pueblo, Trinidad, Cortez, Craig, and Durango," McConnell said. "Scott’s response to me was 'I have a job.' Well, so do I. My only job is to get this congressional seat back to the people, by a wide and resounding victory that sends Salazar home for good. That's my job."

Bob McConnell can be reached by e-mail or by calling 970-846-4907.


  1. I see the old style common sense and leadership of the Colonel coming through. Something from the "Reagan era" with a little George Washington legend mixed in there. Can Scott "handle" the truth?

  2. Kenny G likes what he hears....Bob sounds like he is a fighter and will be someone that will stand against the corrupt politics that is strangling America.

  3. Finally time for Americans to take back America!!! I am so proud to see real life Americans uniting more and more to send a resounding message to corrupt government..."You will NOT push us without being pushed back!" Americans are strong as a whole and corrupt government does all it can to keep a division among the citizens. The is the only way they can control people's opinions and votes is through dissention.

    Off with the divisions, on with common-sense thinking, band together like WE always AMERICANS, and say in one loud voice..."Crooked politics, YOU"RE OUTTA HERE!!!!!!"

  4. The conservatives need a strong and persistent leader to challenge John Salazar. Salazar comes from a "more populous" part of the 3rd. Congressional district, that includes a major city (Pueblo). He has more support there, as that area has traditionally been a Democrat stronghold, because of an "incidence of history". That must be overcome. So, whomever runs against him will have to "appeal to" and pick up votes there, as well as here. It will have to be someone who will "stick by his guns" and demand that the Constitution be upheld. That the traditions of this country be upheld. That is not now being done, as Salazar just follows his "Imperious Leader" and "master" in the Whitehouse. Twice John Salazar has outright lied to me and told me he was a "Blue-Dog Democrat" and would not give up his "conservative values" on any issue! He would promptly turn around and vote the way he was told to, by his Parties Leader! The truth is, he is a liberal and his voting record proves it! On several occasions he has "proffered" legislation that violates the laws of this land, and passes it off as the "right thing to do". That has to be challenged and it will take a strong candidate to do this and still demonstrate that he is in fact "for right", not "blind partisan politics", as demonstrated so many times by John Salazar. I have written letters exhaustively to this man and he gives me non-sense and "empty replies" in return. Salazar must be "nailed down" and held accountable! The Democrats are ruining this country and "flaunt" our Constitution at every opportunity and attempt to "control the people", through subterfuge, in violation of the "laws of this land". This must end and I believe it will take a "very determined and decisive person" to accomplish the "unseating" of a standing incumbent. It will take another Ronald Reagan! The members of the conservative movement must decide who best meets the "qualifications" outlined here!

    Moreover, Democrats constantly echo their "mantra" of "diversity". Do not buy into that "absurd drivel"! I will remind everyone that this nation was NOT founded on "diversity", as the Liberal Democrat Party constantly echo's; It was founded on "Unity"! (this is not to say we have not "embraced" diversity, because we most certainly have!) Without Unity, we would still be under the "thumb of the Crown" or some other monarchy. That is not for me! As conservatives, we to must be united, behind a "firm leader" who doesn't believe in "taking prisoners". The Democrats don't! Regardless of their "outward projections", that of "being inclusive", they are in fact not! My studies clearly reflect that they are indeed a party for the criminal element (one only has to observe the tactics of the "Obamaites" to realize this) and therefore it needs to be firmly projected that conservatives are up against a criminal element, who has no respect for the Constitution or the laws of this land. The public must be reminded that without the foregoing, we are no longer a Republic, but a barbarian nation, that grants "special privileges" to a few, in the name of "political expediency" and that is the path Barack Obama has taken us down and that it is our duty to put America back on a "right and just course".

    PS: This race for Congressional Dist. 3 is very important, but what is equally important is defeating Michael Bennet in the race for the Senate seat and I have seen little on this issue.

  5. It does not take long to figure out who is the "Party" candidate and who is the "grass roots candidate". The "Party" knows this and they know that Bob is making a very good impression on people who are looking for someone who will stand up for the Constitution and Rule of Law. They have resorted to the old ruse of distracting attention on the candidates and making an issue of a group (particularly one man) who has come out in support of getting Bob on the ballot and giving us all a chance to vote for OUR choice. They will do their best to keep Bob off the ballot. I am making a donation and ask you to give $1, $2, or $3 to Bob's campaign, then sen emails to EVERYONE YOU KNOW even out of state and ask them to do the same.

    Send donations to Bob McConnell
    PO Box 883133
    Steamboat Springs, Co 80488

    It was donations like this that helped put Scott Brown in the race in Ma. Let's do it here!

  6. Reverend LeAnn LefflerMarch 20, 2010 at 7:42 AM

    Bob, you did a wonderful job. You put Scot in his place. I know you are the man for the job and I will fight right along side you. Keep the faith!


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